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Enjoy the Magic of the Theater in Your Own Home…

Dedicated theater rooms are one of our specialties. We have designed and installed dozens of dedicated theater environments that cater to each client’s specific requests. Starting with a free consultation to discuss room and equipment options, we then progress to working up design drawings and creating a specific vision for your room. Lighting, acoustical treatments, seating, and cabinetry create rooms that quickly become the favorite space in your home.

The definition of a Theater is not the same for everyone. Many of our “theaters” are rooms that lend themselves to more than just dedicated viewing. Surround sound is a great way to experience sporting events, television programs, and of course movies. Talk to us about how to create an amazing surround sound environment in any room in your house. You may be surprised how easy it is!

A family favorite… One of the best parts about being home theater specialists is the positive feedback we get from our clients about how much they enjoy their theaters. We hear time and time again how a theater room has brought the family together or has spawned a new family tradition. We offer theaters for many different budgets. Contact us today to discuss adding or improving an existing theater room in your home.

Star Gazing from the comfort of your recliner… Fiber Optic star ceilings are incredible. Easily one of the most memorable features of a dedicated theater. fiber optic star ceilings offer impressive lighting scenes and acoustical improvements to any room.

Gaming, Gaming, Gaming. Yes. that’s right. Video games are one of the most fun aspects of a theater environment. Now with more and more games available from the Xbox Kinnect. Playstation Move. and Wii you can feel like your in your avatars body as you run and swing about in front of a six foot tall screen! Gaming in a theater room is also the best way to experience multiplayer games with your friends and family. Never before has playing a video game been more fun than this!

Want to experience a Maryland Home Theater for yourself? Although we don’t operate out of a showroom. we are happy to arrange a demo in one of our many completed theaters thanks to the wonderful support of our customers. Contact us today to discuss your theater project.

Hunt Valley, MD 21020

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