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Upgrading your Television is a very common experience for many of us. Looking at today’s features, technology, and terminology can be overwhelming. Don’t let the confusion placed by today’s manufacturers detract from the experience of buying a new high definition display. Never before have TV’s been so impressive and affordable.

Whether you’re looking for 4K, voice recognition, Skype calling, internet features, or just a solid performing TV to help you enjoy the weekend games, talk to Maryland Home Theater about your options and how we can make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Installation services are a specialty of Maryland Home Theater. There are many considerations that need to be made when installing a wall-mounted television. Details such as bracket selection, wire and cable choices, electrical requirements all need to be discussed before beginning an install. We specialize in “clean” television integration, meaning that wires are concealed behind walls, equipment is placed in furniture or closets, and rooms are given the attention to detail they deserve.

Already have a TV? No problem. we work on existing equipment all the time. We are happy to clean up messy wiring, program your remote control, or help you enjoy your system the way it was intended!

Mirror Televisions are another option when considering adding a Television to a space that does not lend itself to technology intrusion. We have successfully restored many fireplace mantels, bedroom walls, and kitchens back to their original design by replacing flat screens with decorative Mirror Televisions.

Ultra-slim designed televisions have helped make this decision more affordable to purchase and install a Mirror Television. If you are interested in installing a Mirror Television in your home, give us a call to discuss pricing and other important considerations that come into play when dealing with this amazing technology.

Hunt Valley, MD 21020

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