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Music has never been this easy to listen to…

We provide a multitude of solutions for sharing audio around your house. Offering components with the latest design and technology we consistently provide stereo systems that integrate seamlessly into the home and are incredibly easy to enjoy. Whether you’re building or need a stereo system retro-fitted, Maryland Home Theater can deliver an amazing audio experience that will follow you from room to room.

Discover Sonos… easily one of the most powerful automated music systems on the market. Sonos has a solution that works in an array of installation scenarios. Using an existing WiFi network, the Sonos music system gives you wireless control of your song selection, volume control, and playlist creation. Want to take your control outside? No need for a dedicated touch pad or wall boxes… Sonos controllers are free and work on any smartphone or tablet device.

HI-Fl is alive and well. Even with today’s highly compressed digital music. there are many manufacturers who have products that can breath fresh air into your stuffy music collection. From simple upgraded cables and mini DAC interfaces to dedicated preamps and processors, we have a solution for your  music needs. Maryland Home Theaters carries dozens of speaker manufacturers as well. We are always happy to discuss your audio needs.

Hunt Valley, MD 21020

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