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In today’s home, automation can mean many things. From simple lighting controls added to a family room remote control to whole house temperature and lighting control that can be accessed over your iPhone, automation systems can deliver an amazing level of convenience.

Because your automated home is essentially controlled by a computer, your home is accessible just about anywhere you go. Whether you realize at work that you forgot to turn off the lights or you want to check in on the house while you’re traveling abroad, your home is only a press of a button away on any smart device. Real time feedback and control is always available from your cell phone or computer.

Just about everything in your home can be automated. With the proper equipment and programming we can tell your lighting, temperature, security, intercom, home audio, and video distribution to do exactly what you want these systems to do. Imagine setting up a “good night” button that arms the alarm system, verifies all the lights are off, lowers the temperature in one area of the house while setting a perfect sleeping temperature in another. Not to mention  automatically shutting down any electronic devices not being used. This will save you physical energy, plus these automated processes will save your home energy on a daily basis.

Interested in a home automation system? Talk to us about designing a system that will give you the convenience and control you are looking for. We are happy to discuss equipment pricing, programming requirements. and building plans.

Looking to retrofit an automation system into your existing home? We have solutions for this as well. There are more and more ways to take control of your home’s lights, temperature. and energy consumption. Best of all, this control can be given to you on your existing smartphone or tablet.

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